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Why I Started

Psychic Readings

I have been practicing psychic readings often since 2018, always drawn to the hidden messages the universe gives. Over the years I have found that these messages can be very healing for those who receive them, and I have always known that I was a natural healer. I have realized recently that I am ready to share my gifts with those who need them.

Krys Denny

My Story

My name is Krys, and I'm a psychic healer. I offer an assortment of readings including tarot, oracle, runes, and psychic, all of which come with healing messages from both me and the universe. I am 22 years old and have been a practicing witch for 5 years now,studying for 10. While I am experienced, I believe there is still and always will be room for me to grow and enhance my abilities. 

Doing these readings for you will help you and I both equally, as it will be fine tuning my abilities as well as helping you to grow as a person and heal from past traumas in order to raise your vibration and become an evolved version of yourself. Love and light, my darlings. 


Types of Readings

I offer a few types of readings, including psychic(for this, I will need a photo of you or to schedule a video call), tarot, oracle, and runes. All of these readings have been found to be very accurate and genuine, with each requiring different amounts of skill and effort, which is why the prices will vary depending on the type of reading that you choose. If you have any questions regarding any of these readings, please feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Psychic(Photo) Readings

zen rocks

With psychic readings, I will look at a recent photo of you or your face in a video call, preferably with no filter or editing to get the most accurate reading, and I will read your energy. Doing this, I can gauge your general situation in life and offer guidance on how to best get through your current situation and turn it around to bring you into a more positive place in life.

Tarot/Oracle Readings

tarot cards

For these readings, you would simply give me your first and last name and choose a spread. You can do a simple 3 card(past, present, possible future) spread, or you can choose from a variety of longer more detailed spreads. If you would like a different spread that I do not have listed, feel free to email me with a link to the spread that you want so that I can add it to my options. For these readings, the price will vary depending on the spread that you choose. Once I have completed the reading, I will sum it up in the end along with adding in a bit of guidance pertaining to the topic of the reading.

Rune Readings


Rune readings are the most detailed of all the readings that I offer. Runes are the ancient language of the Gods, to do these readings I will only need your name and I will take your desired amount of runes from a bag containing all of them, and deliver the messages that these runes contain to you, directly from the Gods themselves. Sometimes, the God(esse)s speaking to you will show themselves to me as I perform the reading, and If they do I will tell you their names, but do not be discouraged if a name is not included, most would rather remain anonymous. These readings will also be paired with a summary as well as extra guidance from myself and Spirit.


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